2023 Campaigns Buhari issues subtle warning to political aspirants

2023 Campaigns Buhari issues subtle warning to political aspirants

2023 Campaigns Buhari issues subtle warning to political aspirants. President Muhammadu Buhari has said he appreciates the National Peace Committee’s decision to pledge all political players to issue-based campaigns free of provocation, personal insults, and assaults as campaigns to usher in a new political era for 2023 get underway.

On Thursday in Abuja, the National Peace Committee hosted the signing of the 2023 election Peace Accord by the presidential contenders. He delivered a video message at the event.

Buhari cautioned that the spread of false information has continued to pose a serious danger to Nigeria’s democracy.

He said that false information has shifted attention away from issue-based campaigns and toward the possibility for escalating insults, personal assaults, and incitements.

He observed that as a result, civility and decency in public conversation and discussion had considerably decreased. President Buhari reiterated his commitment to peaceful, credible, and transparent elections, saying that the work done over the years by the Peace Committee, which is chaired by former head of state General Abdulsalami Abubakar, is consistent with his belief that Nigeria needs peace to hold credible elections.

The President quoted last week’s Chairman of the Peace Committee when he stated, “The 2023 election is more than an election; it is an opportunity to serve Nigeria, to protect Nigeria, and to maintain her unity and growth.”

Therefore, he said, “I urge on all Nigerians, political parties, officials, the Independent National Electoral Commission, and all stakeholders to ensure that Nigeria is placed above regional and sectional claims.

“I make a plea to the competitors, in particular to their publicists and media advisors, to abstain from insults and instigation, refrain from personal attacks, reject the propagation of false information, and dedicate themselves to issue-based campaigns and political rallies.

“Let me reiterate that everything must be done to help the National Peace Committee in its efforts to achieve free and fair elections in Nigeria,”