2023 Peter Obi a national movement – Ohanaeze lauds Afenifere, Middle-Belt leaders

2023 Peter Obi a national movement – Ohanaeze lauds Afenifere, Middle-Belt leaders

2023 Peter Obi a national movement – Ohanaeze lauds Afenifere, Middle-Belt leaders. Peter Obi of the Labour Party is a nationwide movement, according to the supreme Igbo sociocultural institution Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

Ohanaeze praised Afenifere and the Middle-Belt Forum for supporting Peter Obi as she spoke.

This was said in a statement released on Tuesday by Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, the Secretary-General of Ohanaeze, and made accessible to DAILY POST.

In the statement, he said that a South-East Governor who must remain nameless had arranged a scheme to secure a phony endorsement for a notorious presidential contender.

The Igbo Governor was warned by Ohanaeze not to use financial bribes and phony appointments “to attract a segment of Ohanaeze chieftains to promote an unpopular and disliked Presidential candidate ahead of the popular choice of Nigerians, the Presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi of the Labor Party.”

It stated that “this South-East Governor’s desperation would sink him politically.

Because he is a poor student of history, “His stock in trade is to constantly go against and adverse to the popular attitude of Ndigbo. He should either apologize or step down from active politics after his scheme to play dirty politics for an unpopular candidate under the name Ohanaeze was uncovered. The position of the Ndigbo in 2023 cannot be changed by any amount of argument or incentive.

On that regard, Ohanaeze issues a warning to the aforementioned South-East Governor and a few Ohanaeze Ndigbo chieftains not to utilize our name for financial support of any Presidential contender.

“Ndigbo and Nigerians should be aware that any endorsement in the future from any branch of Ohanaeze Ndigbo is fictitious and fake, created by the populace’s enemies.

Surely, this time, all of the intended Igbo political saboteurs would suffer electoral humiliation. The attitude of the Igbos for 2023 is consistent with that of Afenifere and the Middle-Belt Forum that Mr. Peter Obi represents the trend and momentum in Nigeria for Nigerians to retake the country in 2023.

Ohanaeze emphasized that Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party candidate, is a Nigerian project centered on talent, competence, and ability rather than an Igbo Presidency movement.

“For the sake of posterity, this explanation has become essential. Ohanaeze join other ethnic organizations like Afenifere, Middle-Belt Forum, and PANDEF in arguing that a Southern President should replace President Buhari in 2023 and that the North and South should rotate the presidency as a condition of equality.

“We commend the respected leaderships of Afenifere and Middle-Belt Forum for choosing Mr. Peter Obi as the best presidential candidate among the others based on age, fairness, competency, and track records of success in government that have been evaluated and confirmed by Nigerians.

“The leadership of the Southern and Middle Belt Forum has reached the pinnacle of nationalism and patriotism with this.

We implore the South-East counterpart of Ondo Governor Akeredolu to keep in mind that Obi’s Presidency will benefit the Yoruba people and Northern Nigeria, and that Afenifere elders have good intentions for Nigeria.

Sectionalism or ethnicity has been vanquished in Nigeria since it continues to be the root of corrupt regimes. This includes the eras of the Yoruba, Fulani, Igbo, and Ijaw presidents.

“In 2023, Nigerians are committed to supplying a credible leadership free of religious and ethnic prejudice, but a president who will put an end to the political elites’ use of medical tourism and reestablish strong institutions that will reposition the nation as the Giant of Africa,” the statement reads.