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4 Drinks You Should Consume Regularly To Flush Your System And Remove Toxins

4 Drinks You Should Consume Regularly To Flush Your System And Remove Toxins.

Eating junk food and drinking too much alcohol makes the liver overworked. It becomes difficult for the liver to cleanse the blood. This also affects digestion and fat metabolism.

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It is important to detoxify our liver. Here is a list of drinks which you can make at home for detoxification of the liver.

1. Ginger and lemon tea

This concoction of ginger and lemon tea helps in alleviating bloating and also boosts metabolism. In warm water, add half lemon juice and a slice of ginger. Mix and let it steep for 10-15 minutes and drink it at night before sleeping.

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2. Water

There is no better way to detox than with good-old water! Water promotes good digestion by dissolving toxins and waste particles in the body and flushing them out through the digestive tract. A study, conducted by the Franz Volhard Clinical Research Center in Germany, found that drinking two liters of water every day causes thermogenesis, which betters digestive health and in turn helps eliminate toxins from the body.

3. Apple, beetroot, carrot

This detox drink is nothing like you’ve ever seen before! It contains apple, beetroot and carrotall of which have a range of nutrients. You can follow the ABC Detox for one to three days, and trust us, you’ll see a great difference in your health. It helps the liver to remove fat-soluble toxins, kidney to eliminate water-soluble toxins, intestines to remove undigested toxins, and the skin will remove metabolic toxins.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber is another low-calorie, nutrient and vitamin-rich ingredient for beverages. Surprisingly, cucumber contains even more water than watermelon (96%). Cucumbers offer vitamin K and manganese, as well as supply your body with protein and fiber. Fiber is especially important as a detoxifier because it is responsible for flushing the body of waste.

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With a refreshing green and slightly bitter flavor, cucumber is the perfect ingredient to integrate into your next detox drink recipe.

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