5 Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit from Digital Marketing

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit from Digital Marketing – Digital marketing is often the first thought that comes to mind when entrepreneurs consider how to promote their business online, but it’s only one small piece of the puzzle.

Traditional marketing, such as radio and television ads, works well for some companies, but digital marketing with Abstract Digital New Zealand can be just as useful — and in some cases more useful — than other traditional marketing strategies when used correctly. Take advantage of these five ways small businesses can benefit from digital marketing, and watch your business grow over time!

1) Reach New Customers

There’s no way of knowing how many potential customers you’re losing out on because you don’t have a digital marketing strategy. But with websites like Yelp, Instagram, and Facebook available to you and your business, it’s time to get savvy with social media marketing. One study found that 54% of people say they’ve discovered a new product on Instagram—either by viewing it or following the company or business that sells it. Studies also show that nearly 75% of consumers use their phones while shopping in stores. So even if they’re not physically browsing through your store or website, they may be looking at your products via an app. Start by focusing on one channel first (let’s say Facebook) and experiment with what works best for you.

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2) Grow your Brand

Small businesses are smart to stay on top of their game and invest in some good digital marketing. This can be an effective way to find new customers, as well as get the word out about any specials they’re having or events they’re hosting. If you don’t know where to start, try attending a digital marketing workshop at your local library. Most small business owners are scared to take the first step into investing in digital marketing for their company, but it will really pay off in the long run.

3) Expand the Reach of your Salesforce

One of the biggest benefits to small businesses is the ability to have a presence on social media. Social media can help get your business seen by new customers while also making it easier for current customers to spread your word.

With so many people using social media, it’s important that your business makes its own account and actively participates.  The more posts you make, the more likely you are to show up in other users’ feeds. You should also use hashtags related to your industry or company name when posting and try replying back to comments made about your business. If you’re feeling ambitious, try holding contests with prizes! It will be a great way for you to generate more followers and sales leads who are already interested in what you’re selling.

4) Improve Your Rankings on Search Engines

You don’t have to own a brick-and-mortar store to successfully utilize mobile marketing in your digital marketing plan. In fact, by implementing a simple text message campaign and following through with it, you can quickly see a great ROI on your initial investment of time and resources.

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What are some ways that small businesses can use digital marketing to their advantage? Sending texts on an automated basis with customized messages can be one of the most cost-effective ways to interact with potential customers in today’s society. Customers are becoming accustomed to receiving messages from companies 24/7 via their cell phones so you might as well be getting into the game as well! Use Video Marketing – Who doesn’t love videos these days? Everyone does!

5) Optimize Mobile Experience

Have a mobile optimized site. With the mobile device and tablet being the most popular ways for people to go online, you will have to have your site set up in such a way that it is easy to navigate on these devices. Use videos and images. While video may not be an option for all businesses, there are many businesses who can benefit from video marketing efforts. Take advantage of photo galleries and contests by using them as an incentive to promote your business with photos from past events or ongoing daily updates from staff members at a coffee shop, etc.

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Create company pages on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These are some of the most popular social media sites for consumers so you need to be prepared if you want their followers’ attention! Be sure your content is engaging!

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