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According to VeryDarkMan, 90% of women in Nigeria have nothing to offer.

Renowned critic VeryDarkMan delivers a powerful response to a statement made by BBNaija star Tolanibaj, who, during a podcast, asserted that the sole contribution she brings to a marriage is her genitals.

Addressing Tolanibaj’s declaration, VeryDarkMan expressed little surprise, highlighting a trend he perceives where a significant portion of Nigerian women predominantly invest in enhancing their physical appearance. According to him, this extends to married women, who, he notes, are increasingly participating in the growing trend of undergoing procedures such as BBL and liposuction, not necessarily for personal fulfillment but to impress men other than their husbands.

“To be honest, there’s nothing to react to. The question is, did Tolanibaj lie? 90% of the women in Nigeria now no get anything to offer. How many women in Nigeria get sense now?

We are in a country where wetin dey reign be liposuction and nyash. Even married women, doing different surgeries to attract other men; hustling, because that is what everybody is doing now,”┬áhe said in part.