“Allegations Emerge: Wike Accused of Undermining PDP to Pursue 2027 Presidential Bid, Claims Atiku Supporter”

“Pedro Obaseki, a prominent member of the People’s Democratic Party, has alleged that Nyesom Wike, the Federal Capital Territory Minister, is actively scheming to undermine the party’s organizational foundations. Obaseki contends that Wike’s intention is to pave the way for his own 2027 presidential candidacy on the PDP platform.”

Pedro Obaseki, who previously served as the Director of Planning and Strategy for the PDP’s 2023 Presidential Campaign Council, has characterized Nyesom Wike as a ‘nobody’ who leveraged the party’s structures and the support of influential members to ascend to power, only to later betray them once in a position of authority.

He expressed these sentiments during an interactive session with a select group of journalists in Abuja on Monday. This discussion arose in response to a call made by the FCT minister to suspend Atiku from the PDP.

During an appearance as a guest on the Politics Today program on Channels Television, Wike was quoted as saying, “Look at the areas that the PDP did not win because of high-handedness, because of greed, because of impunity. If the PDP had done what they were supposed to do, then you could have talked about that. There should be equity, there should be justice, there should be fairness, and that is why I am calling on the National Working Committee to suspend the presidential candidate (Atiku Abubakar) and people like Aminu Tambuwal so that they can rebuild the party.”

In response to Wike’s televised statements, Obaseki remarked, “It is no secret that Wike’s primary interest lies in becoming the President of our country. He is willing to eliminate anything that may hinder or impede his pursuit of that ambition, overtly or covertly, and this has been his modus operandi.”

“What we are witnessing currently is Wike’s attempt to dismantle the PDP, with the goal of subsequently undermining the All Progressives Congress (APC) to create a pathway for his own presidential bid in 2027. However, we are not naive.

“It is imperative that we caution Wike. There is a limit to the continued unruliness of a man who should express gratitude to the divine. As Chinua Achebe noted in his book, ‘Things Fall Apart,’ he cautioned us, ‘Those whose palm kernels were cracked for them by benevolent spirits should not forget to be humble.’ But individuals like Wike… have consistently pushed the boundaries of their fortune.

“Who exactly is Wike? He is a figure of insignificance. He rode on the backs of Rivers State’s electorate to attain national recognition and subsequently betrayed every entity along his journey. From his tenure as a Local Government chairman to becoming a Minister of State, and ultimately securing the position of Governor of Rivers State, and now serving as the Minister of the FCT.

“It is noteworthy that the former Rivers State governor has long been advancing a personal agenda. He actively sought the removal of his friend and political ally, Uche Secondus, from the role of PDP chairman because he perceived him as a hindrance to his presidential aspirations in 2023.

“Obaseki continued, ‘Wike devised a strategic plan, commencing with his support for Prince Uche Secondus to gain control of the PDP’s structures. He then orchestrated the ousting of Secondus because he realized that, as the party’s chairman, his chances of securing the presidency were slim, given that it would necessitate his relinquishing his local government and senatorial district. Nevertheless, he contested for the same presidential position and was unsuccessful. He pledged his support to whomever emerged as the winner but repeatedly reneged on his commitments.

“The time has come for the PDP and those who are dedicated to enhancing democracy in Nigeria to perceive Wike for who he truly is. He is bold enough to assert in the public arena that he is the sole financial supporter of the PDP, a party established in 1998. This is a party where he assumed the position of governor in a state where (Peter) Odili had already served as governor for eight years under the party’s banner. It is also a state where Rotimi Amaechi governed for seven years before switching to the APC.’

“While emphasizing that it is Wike who should be facing suspension from the PDP, Obaseki recounted a series of misconducts by the former Rivers State governor that led to other PDP leaders defecting to other political parties.”

“Wike should provide a compelling reason for why Atiku should face suspension from the party. The individual who truly warrants suspension from the party is the one who is advocating for the expulsion of fellow party members. Wike is the architect behind a faction within the party that he coined as the G-5.

Contrary to the party’s will, constitution, and established structures, he campaigned against the party. If anyone has engaged in activities detrimental to the party, it is Wike.

He has clashed with virtually every notable figure within the party. Recall that Bello Matawalle, the former Governor of Zamfara State, cited Wike as the primary catalyst for his departure from the party. David Umahi also attributed his exit from the party to Wike.

Prof Ben Ayade similarly identified Wike as a driving factor behind his exit from the party. Wike has become synonymous with disruption and discord within the party.”