Ayra Starr reportedly blocks sketch artist over a portrait made for her

“Notable Mavin Records’ vocalist, Ayra Starr, purportedly blocks a sketch artist on social media for creating an unflattering portrait of her.

A social media user, known as @Dami4reign on X (formerly Twitter), shared a portrait of the singer on the platform, revealing that it had taken him nearly 24 hours to complete.”

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“It took me 18 hours 57secs to draw this Ayra Starr’s portrait.✍️🎨,” the artist wrote while sharing the art piece.

Barely 24 hours after sharing the picture, Ayra Starr allegedly replied by blocking the artist on her social media page without a word.

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In response to being blocked by the female singer, Dami expressed his disappointment, considering it an ungrateful act. He conveyed his feelings by quoting lyrics from one of Burna Boy’s latest album tracks, saying, “Is this the motherfxvking thanks I get?😭🤦🏼‍♂️,” he wrote.

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