“Bayo Adelabu Announces Full Restoration of the National Electricity Transmission Grid”

“I am pleased to announce the successful restoration of the National Electricity Transmission Grid, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our skilled engineers. Normal power supply has been reinstated in the affected areas.

We will continue our round-the-clock efforts to address the root causes of the disruption and proactively resolve underlying issues, ensuring the seamless operation of the electricity grid.

We acknowledge the inconveniences caused by the recent power outage and sincerely apologize for any disruptions you may have experienced during this period. Your patience and understanding have been greatly appreciated throughout the restoration process.

While the current state, strength, and capacity of the national grid may not yet meet our desired standards, ongoing projects are actively improving, strengthening, and expanding the grid infrastructure. New initiatives are also underway. We are dedicated to taking all necessary measures to ensure grid stability and reliability, closely monitoring the situation to prevent future disruptions.

Our commitment to providing an enhanced power supply in the country remains steadfast. Thank you for your continued support.”