Benue APC dissatisfied with judgment in favour of Suswam

The Benue State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has expressed its discontent with the recent majority ruling by the National and State House of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal, which upheld Senator Gabriel Suswam’s petition as the victor of the February 25th Benue North East senatorial election.

In this election, Gabriel Suswam, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who had lost to Emmanuel Udende of the APC, sought to overturn the election results through the election tribunal, citing irregularities in the February 25th North East senatorial election.

However, the tribunal rendered a divided decision, with Chairman Justice Ory Zik-Ikeoha and another member delivering a judgment in favor of the PDP’s defeated candidate, Gabriel Suswam, in the February 25th senatorial election.

A statement issued by Dan Ihomu, the Publicity Secretary of the APC in Benue State and signed in Makurdi, conveys the party’s discontent with the tribunal’s verdict. It commends the bravery of Justice U.Z. Mohammed, one of the three members of the National and State House of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal, for dismissing Sen. Suswam’s petition against Emmanuel Udende and imposing a cost of 100,000 on Suswam.

Justice Mohammed’s judgment underscored the gross insufficiency of evidence presented by the PDP and Gabriel Suswam to support their petition. The APC expresses its dissatisfaction with what it views as a flawed ruling by the National and State House of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal.

The statement expresses confidence in the Appellate court’s ability to rectify what it sees as a miscarriage of justice resulting from the majority decision of the Tribunal. It also urges party members to remain calm as Sen. Udende takes the case to the appellate court to defend the mandate bestowed upon him by the people of Zone A, expressing faith in Nigeria’s judicial system to safeguard their interests.

“We remain steadfast in our pursuit of justice and are resolute in correcting the injustice endured by our people,” he emphasized.

Ihomu went on to assert that Senator Undende’s mandate remains unwavering and firmly grounded.

In the meantime, the Benue State PDP has lauded the Tribunal for delivering substantial justice based on the presented facts and evidence, in accordance with existing electoral laws, guidelines, and regulations. This has bolstered public trust in the judiciary.

Bemgba Iortyom, the party’s State Publicity Secretary, shared in a statement, “The party celebrates this victory, especially as it reasserts its dominance in the composition of the upper chamber of the National Assembly in the state, now holding two out of three Senatorial seats.”

“This triumph of Senator Suswam raises our optimism that the PDP will similarly regain the governorship of the state via the pending judgment at the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal.”

Iortyom expressed the party’s assurance in the former Benue State Governor’s ability to leverage his extensive experience and established track record in the 9th Senate, seamlessly resuming his legislative duties in the 10th Senate for the benefit of his constituents, the party, and Nigeria as a whole.