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Carter Efe use brain to steal my song – Young Duu cries out in pain

Just hours after the record label boss, Carter Efe, independently showcased the song ‘Oyinmo,’ emerging artist Young Duu raises concerns about the alleged hijacking of his music.

In a recent development, Carter Efe was observed performing the latest single, which was jointly released by himself and Portable’s former signee, sparking reactions from both event attendees and online users.

Young Duu, voicing his distress, asserts, “Carter Efe used cunning tactics to steal my song,” in response to the show’s revelation. Expressing frustration at being excluded from the narrative, he reflects on Portable’s abandonment and expulsion from the label, accusing Carter Efe of exploiting his vulnerable situation and appropriating his work.

“I’m the one who owned the song, I’ve been ripped; Someone else has taken over my song! Carter used industry brain to collect my song, going to show with my song. He is a comedian, not a singer. He doesn’t want to help me but always takes credit for those pulling the strings.

“I don’t want to expose everything. It’s not good; my boss did me bad and you want to do the same thing. You guys have family, the same way I came from someone else. So this was why you wanted me to drop an album for you,”┬áhe said in part.