Clergyman Apprehended on Charges of Kidnapping and False Prophecies

A pastor identified as Sunday from a Cherubim and Seraphim Church located in the Agbado region of Ogun State has been apprehended on charges of alleged fake prophesies and the abduction of a 21-year-old woman named Aliu Blessing.

According to the Ogun State Police Command, the incident was reported to Punch on Tuesday. The victim had visited the church to care for her ailing sister when the pastor allegedly prophesied that she would meet a tragic end on her wedding day unless she engaged in sexual relations with him.

Furthermore, the pastor was accused of asserting that any man attempting to engage in sexual activities or a relationship with a woman other than himself would face dire consequences.

Following these alleged deceptions and prophecies, the police department learned that the pastor purportedly abducted the young lady on February 2, 2023, taking her to an undisclosed location, causing anguish and turmoil within her family.

After more than seven months of presumed captivity, the victim’s uncle, Aliu Yusuf, reported to the police that the family was astounded when Blessing returned home on November 5, 2023, and recounted how Sunday had taken her to his family residence in Ilaro and subsequently to a hotel where he was alleged to have engaged in multiple non-consensual sexual acts with her.

Regarding the arrest of the suspect, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Omolola Odutola, confirmed that the suspect had admitted to the alleged crimes and would be subject to legal proceedings.

The police department’s spokesperson also revealed that the victim had been taken to the hospital after displaying signs of a mental or possibly psychiatric condition.

“The suspect has been apprehended, and he has confessed to the crimes during the interrogation process. He is presently in our custody and will be brought before the court once the investigation is concluded. Meanwhile, the victim has been taken to the hospital for a medical examination due to her displaying psychological or potentially psychiatric issues,” Odutola disclosed in a telephone interview on Tuesday.