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Comedian Brain Jotter Shares Thoughts on Colleague OGB Allegedly Imitating Him.

Renowned comedian and skitmaker, Brain Jotter, has refuted assertions that his emerging counterpart, OGB Recent, is imitating his comedic style. During a recent episode of the Real Life Talk podcast, Brain Jotter addressed the rumors surrounding OGB’s alleged mimicry of his comedic approach, dismissing claims that his colleague was engaging in plagiarism.

While acknowledging the similarity in the comedic delivery of OGB, Brain Jotter clarified that sounding alike in comedy skits does not automatically equate to copying. He emphasized that being inspired by someone doesn’t necessarily imply duplication of their work.

He said:

“OGB is not copying me. I know him personally. He is my man to an extent. But I don’t know what you guys mean by copying me. I’ve never actually come out to say he’s copying me. I feel like he has my kind of voice but I don’t really think he’s copying me.”