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Cut your coat according to your size – Moet Abebe’s message to men interested in dating female celebrities.

Nollywood actress and media personality, Moet Abebe, offered guidance to men who aspire to date female celebrities, advising them to “match their expectations with their own capabilities.”

Abebe pointed out that many men with a strong desire to date female public figures often find it challenging to cope with the realities of the relationship once they’re in it. According to the actress, these men frequently begin to voice concerns about the lifestyle of the female celebrity they are dating, despite having willingly chosen that path.

She shared these insights during the most recent episode of the Bahd And Boujee Podcast, which she co-hosts with reality star Tolanibaj.

Moet said,

“There are a lot of men that are so obsessed with dating female public figures and when they get into that situation, they can not handle it.

My advice to men like that, cut your coat according to your size. You met me going out on Monday and Thursday, and you are now complaining that why am I going out on Monday and Thursday. Don’t act brand new. Why you even came into the relationship was because I go out on Monday and Thursday.