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Daniel Regha has characterized Shallipopi’s album as being intended for individuals involved in internet fraud (yahoo boys) and those who indulge in smoking weed.

Controversial Twitter figure Daniel Regha recently expressed his views on Shallipopi’s inaugural album.

In a tweet posted on his profile, Regha asserted that Shallipopi’s debut album, “Presido La Pluto,” was crafted with the audience of “Yahoo boys” and cannabis enthusiasts in mind.

Daniel Regha did not mince words, labeling the album’s lyrical content as “a complete zero,” while acknowledging the presence of impressive rhythms.

Furthermore, he highlighted what he perceived as a lack of originality in the track “Iyo,” claiming it featured a sample from Shallipopi’s “Itendo” by Fabo Mo.

Despite his critical remarks, Regha did find some merit in the song “Jungle.” He concluded his Twitter critique with a somewhat mitigating “no offence,” suggesting that his comments were purely a matter of personal perspective, notwithstanding the severity of his critique.

In his words:

“Shallipopi’s debut album (Presido La Pluto) is a 1/10; The album is made for yahoo boys & weed smokers. The beats were very catchy, but lyrically speaking the songs are a zero.

“Furthermore, in the track “lyo”, he kinda sampled “Itendo”, a song by Fabomo who’s another popular Edo artiste. The only manageable track off the album is Jungle. No offense.”