Dear Men Take Note if You Notice Those 5 Signs in a Lady; She is Single And Looking For a Boyfriend

Dear Men Take Note if You Notice Those 5 Signs in a Lady; She is Single And Looking For a Boyfriend.

Being single can be annoying sometimes; you may feel lovely and feel all alone in the world, for having no man to call yours.


Your friends can be annoying too, posting pictures of them and their boyfriend having fun, regular DP change, and Hangouts and more.

Yes, I understand your saturation and desperation, but there is a time for everything, always wait for the right time.

Single ladies always put their selves in terrible situation when they are desperate for a relationship.

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Here are 5 things that ladies do when they are single and desperate for a relationship.

  1. They like to party: There is nothing wrong with being a party lover, but it should not be like a regular thing.

Most single ladies like to party because there is a high probability chance that they will bump into someone that will likely start a relationship with them.

Ladies that they are desperate and looking for a boyfriend, you will never see them miss any party or award show.

  1. They like posting unclad on their social media handles: When a single lady is desperately looking for a boyfriend some of the ideas that will start popping in their minds are showing people what she has in social media, ie, posting unclad pictures.

As expected, people will be liking and commenting on the pictures, if she is lucky she will finally hook up with someone.

But note, there is always a way out.

  1. Start piercing and tattoos: Some stupid start to pierce their selves, thinking that what works in the western world will, not considering that they are two different worlds.

As far as I am concerned, most men do like a lady having tattoos on her body or piercing some parts of her body, although not all parts.

By lady doing so, she is reducing her chances of getting a boyfriend.

  1. They expose their vital body parts: Ladies that are seeking men’s attention mostly so of them are shameless, they sometimes work on the street in half – naked clothes that is showing most of their body parts.

Why will anyone wear such clothes? To get a responsible man that is willing to start a relationship with you doesn’t have to do all that.

Doing so can tarnish your image in your community and your possibilities of getting a boyfriend decrease.


  1. Wearing clothes, they are not comfortable with: Looking good and classy is not a crime, but following fashion trends that you are not comfortable with is a crime.

They usually put on that kind of clothes to seek attention from men, the clothes that will make them not eat food or even seat comfortable.

Note: Not all girls are like this, but some are.

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