“Diverse responses arise as an intimate video involving Moyo Lawal is exposed.”

Famous Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal is at the center of controversy as her bedroom tape leaks on the internet.

The notable actress was seen in a video making the rounds on social media with her lover while in the act of making love.

“Moyo Lawal, fully aware that her partner was recording the video, could be heard encouraging him to focus on the recording.

Her nonchalant attitude throughout the incident has left her fans angered by her willingness to participate in such an act.

The release of the private bedroom video has caused a split among her supporters, with concerns arising about the potential tarnish it may cast on her reputation as a role model for aspiring stars.”

eactions to the leaked bedroom tape of Moyo Lawal:

Panache wrote,

“She was drunk in that video f*ck!!! This guy took advantage of her”

Sir Salmjay penned:

“This Moyo Lawal just get big yansh she no get skills in bed just dey there like a log of wood”

Chris Collection stated:

“Blood of Jesus is this not Moyo Lawal? What was she thinking allowing a man to record her while having sex?”

Wet penned:

“Why would you let a man record you while having sex? Especially you knowing you’re a celebrity chai. Not even your husband sef, so how that man’s face just shows maybe he wants to be popular with the Moyo Lawal sex tape who knows”

Bambam opined:

“Moyo Lawal you’re doing well”

Cabaye said:

“Na Moyo Lawal Abi my eyes dey pain me. Anyways na s3xtape season”.

Black Bulldozer wrote:

“Did actress Moyo Lawal leak her s3x tape. Because wtf did I just watch. Not even with her husband”.