EPL Ex-Arsenal director Sanllehi said, “I wouldn’t have appointed Arteta manager.”

EPL Ex-Arsenal director Sanllehi said, "I wouldn't have appointed Arteta manager."

EPL Ex-Arsenal director Sanllehi said, “I wouldn’t have appointed Arteta manager.”. Raul Sanllehi, the former head of football at Arsenal, has said that it was a mistake for the club to reclassify Mikel Arteta’s position at the Emirates as “manager.”

After Mikel Arteta was appointed as manager of Arsenal in December 2019, Sanllehi left the club. The club made the decision to release the Spaniard during the pandemic.

Sanileh had a key role in Arteta’s selection as the next “head coach” at the Emirates in lieu of Unai Emery.

Sanllehi had been hard at work on a new setup at Arsenal for more than 18 months when Arteta was hired.

Arteta was rewarded with a name change from “head coach” to “manager,” which saw his job shift, after leading Arsenal to the FA Cup victory in his first season in charge.

Arteta was promoted to “manager,” giving him more power over the club’s vision and corporate decisions than merely the first team.

Sanllehi, however, claims that was a “error” and that the choice “betrayed” the club’s philosophy.

He told the Athletic, “They have now slightly betrayed the model.

“It’s a mistake to go back to the top boss, but it’s their error. I would not have let that to occur. But that’s okay, it seems to be working for them so far.