Femi Fani-Kayode Rejects Accusations of a Plot Involving the Judiciary

“Femi Fani-Kayode, the former Minister of Aviation, vehemently denies any allegations of a judiciary conspiracy, emphasizing that such claims erode the integrity of the judicial system and the stability of the nation.

Fani-Kayode has rebutted accusations insinuating that the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPT) verdict was manipulated or swayed by the President’s legal team. Furthermore, he has rejected suggestions that the President’s lawyers had prior knowledge of the judgment.”

In a statement shared on his X (formerly Twitter) account, Fani-Kayode criticized these allegations as detrimental to the judiciary, representing a low point in Nigeria’s legal discourse.

The controversy centers around the discovery of a watermark on copies of the PEPT judgment bearing the inscription “Tinubu Presidential Legal Team ‘TPLT’.” Critics have expressed concerns about the watermark, suggesting it implies undue influence in shaping the judgment.

However, Fani-Kayode has endorsed an explanation provided by Babatunde Ogala SAN, the coordinator of President Bola Tinubu’s legal team. Ogala clarified that the watermark was added to their copy of the judgment after receiving it from the Court of Appeal, where it was officially delivered. The marked copy was subsequently scanned and shared with their legal team, following a standard protocol.

Fani-Kayode firmly rejected any additional insinuations as mere mischief and deception, expressing serious concerns that such allegations were designed to tarnish the integrity of the judgment, subvert the judicial process, and cast doubt on the legitimacy of the President’s mandate and the election itself.

He cautioned against the perils of spreading false information, emphasizing that it had the potential to incite disorder, protests, anarchy, and turmoil within the nation. Fani-Kayode accused those disseminating these claims of actively seeking to destabilize Nigeria and create conditions conducive to a military takeover and the establishment of an Interim National Government.

In conclusion, he asserted his belief that their plan and agenda would ultimately be unsuccessful, as Nigeria remained steadfast in upholding the principles of the rule of law and democracy, despite attempts to undermine them.