FG says 30 percent of Nigerians illiterate

FG says 30 percent of Nigerians illiterate

FG says 30 percent of Nigerians illiterate. At least 30% of Nigerians, according to the Federal Government, are illiterate.

Adamu Adamu, the minister of education, provided the information on Wednesday in Lagos, according to NAN.

To promote safe schools in Nigeria, Adamu spoke at the Education Writers’ Association of Nigeria (EWAN) 2022 Summit.

Vivian Wategre, the ministry’s director of education services, acted as the minister’s representative.

He stated that the Federal Government’s efforts and policies toward safe schools demonstrate its commitment to Nigeria’s present and future.

According to the ministry, as of 2021, 31% of residents were illiterate, down from 38% in 2015.

Adamu reaffirmed the ministry’s dedication to raising the nation’s literacy rate.

He said that the government is working with the UN Special Envoy for Global Education as part of its efforts to solve the problem.

The minister noted that the Safe Schools Initiative (SSI) was proposed by certain Nigerian businessmen in May 2014 in Abuja during the World Economic Forum on Africa (WEFA).

Consequently, the Federal Government, the business sector, and the African Development Bank provided funding for the establishment of the Safe Schools Fund (AfDB).

The National Policy of Safety and Violence-Free Schools was adopted by the National Council on Education in August 2021.

The Safe School Declaration (SSD) Laws and Policies have been approved for implementation by the Federal Executive Council (FEC).