Flood Scores feared dead in Anambra boat mishap

Flood Scores feared dead in Anambra boat mishap

Flood Scores feared dead in Anambra boat mishap. On Friday, a boat accident in Anambra State claimed the lives of several locals from the Ogbaru village.

According to sources, the disaster occurred in the Umunnankwo village while the ship was sailing from the Onukwu Bridge to the Nkwo market in Ogbakuba before it sank.

Hon. Victor Afam Ogene, a current Labour Party contender for the same seat and a former member of the House of Representatives who represented the Ogbaru Federal Constituency, verified the occurrence.

“At this time, unofficial sources suggest that between 20 and 30 folks are still missing,” he stated.

Hon. Pascal Aniegbuna, the chairman of the Ogbaru Local Government Area’s Transition Committee, was reported by Ogene as saying: “While some of the passengers were saved, numerous others, sadly, lost their lives.” There has been a significant flood in the region, and several individuals are said to have died as a result.

The tragic news of this event, according to Ogene, “is numbing and agonizing to me as a human and must be extremely heartbreaking, especially to the immediate relatives of the victims.” Ogbaru as a whole has lost something, and we are all grieving together.

“My sympathies are extended to the afflicted families as well as to the Ogbahu people and villages, who recently found themselves in the path of a major flood disaster that nearly inundated all of our communities and forced thousands of people to flee their homes.