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Former artist under Portable’s label, Young Duu, claims that Portable sent his associates to physically attack him.

Young Duu, a former artist who parted ways with Portable, the contentious singer, and his record label Zeh Nation, has come forward with an allegation. He claims that the Zazu crooner dispatched his “associates” to physically assault him.

Young Duu conveyed that he suffered significant injuries due to the attack. The up-and-coming music talent took to an Instagram Live session with his fans to plea for Nigerians to caution his former boss against any further harm. He expressed, Portable sent his associates to attack me; please advise him to cease troubling me.

“You know I don’t come here [social media] to rant senselessly. Portable should be call to order. I don’t want any problem. I don’t make trouble.”