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Harrysong ties the knot with 30 women in a single day.

Afrobeats sensation Harrysong has caused a sensation on the internet by marrying an astonishing 30 women in a single day, surpassing the legendary Fela Kuti’s record of marrying 27 women in a day.

As the head of Alter Plate record label, Harrysong now finds himself in the spotlight of media attention, with various news outlets buzzing about this extraordinary accomplishment.

A video capturing Harrysong surrounded by a congregation of women, all dressed in matching traditional attire as newly wedded brides, has sparked widespread speculation and discussion about the singer’s motives for this unconventional decision.

The bold move by the Afrobeat singer has prompted raised eyebrows among fans and the public, who are keen to understand the implications on Harrysong’s personal and professional life. This has also led to questions about societal norms and the evolving dynamics of relationships and marriages in the present day.