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How Digital Gold is creating a universal platform for wealth creation, fluid & easy Transactions through its Value Exchange Platform (VEP)

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Value Exchange Platform is a platform that brings to society a first-of-its-kind experience. It seeks to restore values to society by rewarding things/acts of value. VEP rewards good deeds, it is created to remind people of the importance of morals and values in society and also to encourage people to be morally upright, thereby creating a community of morally upright individuals with regard for values. VEP further provides a Platform for trading amongst members, it provides a rating system that recommends several beneficial options to its members based on each member’s value rating.

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With recent developments in social media, peer-to-peer software, and smartphone technology, we have seen the definition of money extend beyond the traditional, physical tender of government-backed currencies to include mobile payments, digital currencies, and virtual goods. Joining this revolution of payment technologies is VEP, “the world’s first completely decentralized digital gold.


VEP is powered by honesty and that will be the standard for evaluation. VEP will serve individuals, corporations, businesses, etc. by granting them access to services based on their honesty rating. VEP could be easily misunderstood, as one could say “is this not playing God? as only God can reward a man for being good” look at VEP as an instrument to understand the premium value principles behind God’s laws on upright morals.

VEP would be backed by a currency of its own known as DG (Digital Gold), which is the equivalent of actual Gold and can be exchanged for any other fiat, at the prevailing market price of Gold. Thus, trading on VEP would also be done with DG, rewards will be received in DG, payments in and out of the platform would be in DG. The plan is to encourage people who have chosen to be upright or have chosen good over evil to continue through the reward program.

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