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How to Stay Calm in any Situation

How to Stay Calm in any Situation

How to Stay Calm in any Situation – In life, there are often events that make us nervous. For example, a bad mark in the child at school, a complicated report for the boss at work, which has 4 times to remake, or a minor traffic accident that happened through the fault of the second participant. Before us there are two main questions: how to stay calm in any situation? And whether it is possible?

Why Is Composure Important?

There are several reasons:

  • The ability to make meaningful decisions. In a state of panic, fear, or frenzy, you will not be able to make any logical conclusions, which means that the actions taken based on these conclusions will not always have positive consequences. Stress and negativity force you not to think about the best way out of the situation, but to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. That is why supervisors shout at their subordinates, civil servants snap at clients of institutions, people are rude in line.
  • Maintaining health. Depression and nervousness can lead to mental disorders and psychosomatic illness. Not only the nervous system can be affected, but also the endocrine, cardiovascular system, and the gastrointestinal tract. Stress often affects the condition of the hair, nails and skin. Curls lose their shine, begin to thin, nails flake, skin becomes lumpy, rashes appear. When there is severe mental exhaustion, girls stop having critical days and guys have problems with potency. An anxious mind affects not only health, but also personal life.
  • Maintaining an emotional climate in the family and the team. Imagine that your boss is constantly agitated, he reacts to everything by shouting and swearing. How would your subordinates feel? In 99% of cases, the team will experience anxiety and stress. Some employees will be gnawed by constant guilt. Some will be hooked on antidepressants. Productive work in such an environment is not possible. If the boss changed his anger for mercy, his subordinates would come to the office with pleasure and perform their functions much better.

Why Can’t We Keep Our Spirits up?

We are hindered:

  • If someone has hurt or offended us, we feel as if the whole world has collapsed. We can’t think about any other issues besides the existing conflict or situation.
  • Inability to separate oneself from the emotion being experienced. There are many impressionable people with unstable emotional backgrounds. Just a little provocation is enough to spoil their mood for the entire next day.
  • Each of us thinks that other people think something about him, too. This is both true and untrue. Most people cannot control the flow of their thoughts – the brain itself makes hypotheses when you look at the object, inadvertently it can condemn the other person for his strange shoes or unwashed head. But in a global sense, we don’t care about the life and appearance of others. The main purpose of any person – to provide for themselves and the realization of their own plans.

How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

There are many methods of achieving a calm state in conflict situations. For some, it’s live sport betting, for others, it’s watching Netflix or crying. But all of them contribute only to the suppression of the nervous system. They don’t remove the causes of the problem, which means that they have a temporary effect. Let’s review the most popular techniques that work in the long term.

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Deep Breathing Technique

During a conflict, slowly count to 10, for each count, produce a breath and an exhalation. This exercise will allow you to take a pause in the activity, this approach will not make global mistakes.

Analyze the Situation

Try to look at the situation as if from the outside. Put emotions in a distant box. Don’t separate the aspects of “black” and “white”. Think only about how to get out of the situation painlessly, getting the maximum benefit.

This way perfectly owns our brain. During strong shocks, man isn’t aware of the reality of what is happening. It seems to him that the events within which he now finds himself are unreal. This is how our nervous system prevents overload-the same situation is perceived differently by all people.


Determine for yourself an activity that will serve as a “wand” in the emergence of strong negative emotions. For example, you need to make an important decision on the work. It’s given a few hours. Use the first few minutes of the allotted time to distract yourself. Take a walk, take a tea break, or read a page of your favorite book. This way you’ll switch to another activity, and your brain will go from emergency mode to normal mode. It will be easier for you to think through a number of possible solutions and choose the most appropriate one.

Normal Nutrition

A lack of vitamins and a poor diet may also affect your emotional state. So, avoid unhealthy foods, drinks with caffeine, sweets and flour. Consume more nuts, fresh fruits, and berries. Moreover, a slice of dark chocolate will not hurt you.

Physical Activity

Physical activity helps release endorphins, the brain and circulatory system get more oxygen. Choose what works for you: running, swimming, gym, Nordic walking, dancing, yoga. There are hundreds of options. The main thing is that the sport was for your pleasure.

Regular Trips to the Countryside

Nature can heal you. 1-2 days at the cottage or a picnic in the woods can make our nervous system more stable and remove intrusive thoughts. Try to spend a little time every weekend near a body of water or a park. At lunchtime, it’s better to give up watching the news feed on social networks and replace it with a walk in the neighborhood.

Develop the Ability to Forgive

Once again we want to remind you about detachment, only in a different way. The person you are talking to isn’t always callous and mean. Sometimes he is forced to be that way by circumstances.

When a conflict arises, remember that in front of you may be a vulnerable person, “covered” with thorns in order to protect himself.


Concentrating on an object is a great method of how to stay calm in a conflict situation. Meditation:

  • Helps enrich the blood with oxygen (one breathes deeply and measuredly while doing it).
  • Trains attention.
  • Teaches a detached observation of the thought processes taking place.
  • Protects from stress and nervous disorders.

To perform it, you don’t need to have any special item. It’s enough to wear comfortable clothes and take a comfortable pose. Then it is necessary to choose an object of concentration. For beginners, this may be your own breathing or bodily sensations. For 5-10 minutes, it’s necessary to concentrate on one’s own sensations. The phase should be completed by the end of the phase. The phase should be completed smoothly.


Fortitude can be trained by meditation, physical exercises, psychological techniques, and situation analysis. All of these are optimal methods for staying calm and not getting nervous. The main thing is to find the cause of the problem and understand what it’s that makes you most angry and upset. This will make it easier to get rid of stress.

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