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I used to sleep on the floor at Phyno’s house before I found success, says rapper Zoro.

Nigerian hip-hop artist Owoh Chimaobi Chrismathner, widely known as Zoro Swagbag, recently shared that the renowned rapper Phyno provided him accommodation before he achieved fame.

Zoro recounted sleeping on the floor in an unoccupied room at the residence of Phyno, the owner of Penthauze Record label, prior to the widespread success of his hit song ‘Ogene.’ This revelation came to light during a recent episode of the Zero Conditions podcast.

Zoro said,

“When my song ‘Ogene’ dropped, I was still in Phyno’s house. I was sleeping in an empty room that didn’t had a bed. I just had my shirt that I tie my dirty clothes on and use it as pillow and sleep on the floor.

“I loaned money to fund the video of ‘Ogene’. Flavour also supported me.”

He said he left Phyno’s house in 2016 after someone stole the Penthauze boss’ money.

Zoro said ‘Ogene’ blew up in the diaspora first before fans in Nigeria hooped on the trend.