I will never be intimidated over my senatorial ambition – Ortom

I will never be intimidated over my senatorial ambition – Ortom

I will never be intimidated over my senatorial ambition – Ortom. Samuel Ortom, the governor of Benue State, has said that he would not give in to threats or extortion simply because he wants to run for senator. Additionally, he emphasized that he would never compromise state interests in order to advance his political career.

At a larger gathering of the Jemgbagh PDP Elders Forum, which included representatives from the Gboko, Tarka, and Buruku Local Government Areas, held on Sunday, October 9, 2022 at the Gboko home of Hon. Mike Mku, Governor Ortom made a statement.

The Jemgbagh PDP Elders Forum called the meeting after Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike called for the resignation of the national chairman, and they wanted more information on the ongoing conflict between the Governor and Senator Iyorchia Ayu, the PDP’s national chairman.

Insinuations that the governor is toppling a Jemgbagh son were refuted by the governor as he provided facts of what had lead to the current issues.

Instead, he described how he overcame every opposition to mobilize support for Senator Ayu’s victory.

He emphasized that he will never give in to threats and remain mute in the face of wrongdoing committed by the PDP under Senator Ayu’s direction.

The Governor has already come under fire from several fictitious organizations purporting to represent for the Jemgbagh political grouping for allegedly opposing the interests of Ayu.

The Governor took the opportunity to clarify his participation in Senator Ayu becoming the PDP National Chairman and his view on the difficulties the Chairman is having as a result of requests for his resignation in a clear-cut narrative.

Governor Ortom said that authority comes from God and that no one should intimidate me because of my desire to become a senator. Nobody should imagine that because of the senate election, he would frighten me.

According to the governor, “No amount of blackmail or intimidation could prevent me from winning if God ordains me to be elected Senator for the Benue North-West Senatorial zone.”

When the Governor met with PDP Board of Trustees members, he informed the Jemgbagh PDP Elders that Senator Ayu, who is also a part of the Jemgbagh political group, had launched a smear campaign and used blackmail against him and his office.

As a consequence of the internal conflict roiling the party with Ayu at the head, Governor Ortom remarked that since he is running for the Benue North-West Senatorial district seat, he has been the target of intimidation and blackmail by some Jemgbagh stakeholders.

He said that after the PDP Presidential convention, internal squabbles began to surface. He told Senator Ayu to approach the party’s disgruntled leaders and ask them to be understanding of calls for his resignation.

Governor Ortom bemoaned that Senator Ayu opted to follow the ignoble route of dividing the party by his actions and statements rather than heed his advice.

The Governor claimed that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the PDP’s nominee for president, was not handled with impartiality by the National Chairman in the events leading up to the convention.

In the event that a northern presidential candidate emerges during the northern caucus at the Bauchi State lodge, he emphasized that “Ayu personally committed to quitting.”

The Governor questioned why Senator Ayu is now backtracking on his pledge, which he freely expressed in front of all the northern party leaders.

Contrary to rumors that he is working against Ayu, he said, he has aggressively mobilized his fellow PDP Governors and other important stakeholders to promote the election of the national chairman in the state’s best interests, particularly to include Benue in national politics.

The Governor instructed the Jemgbagh stakeholders to call a meeting where Senator Ayu and himself may also convey their respective perspectives.

He claimed that he will continue to fight for justice for his people in spite of the betrayals, threats, and extortion.

Senator Ayu and Governor Ortom will be invited by the Jemgbagh PDP Elders Forum, according to the chairman, Barrister Sam Tsumba, in an effort to further address the disagreement.