If Police Says You’re Under Arrest Tell Him This And Watch Him Go Speechless.

If Police Says You’re Under Arrest Tell Him This And Watch Him Go Speechless.

I realised that whenever people see some policemen coming their way, they normally flee even thought they have no committed offenses. It seems that many people did not know their rights or they are afraid of being arrested.

Whenever a police come to your way, don’t panic, be calm and watch him do his thing before you react. Do you know that if you panics too much, you might be suspected and you might be arrested for nothing.

Whenever a police say “you are under arrest”, don’t panic if you know that you did nothing wrong, instead tell him these things and watch him go speechless.

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Firstly, ask for his ID card to confirm whether he is really a police man or not. If he was able to present his ID card to you, ask him for the warrant of arrest. Without a warrant of arrest, a police is not allowed to arrest someone according to the law of this country.

If he was able to provide the warrant of arrest, ask him for the police station and make sure you alert the neighborhood before you are being taken there. You can also call your lawyer at that spot to notify him of what is happening.

After doing all these thing, you can go ahead to follow them but if not, don’t follow anybody to anywhere.

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