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“I’m endorsing Moyo Lawal for this reason,” Uche Ogbodo declares, following the emergence of reports regarding Mohbad’s passing.

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo is extending her sympathy to her colleague Moyo Lawal, whose private video was recently leaked, in the wake of the tragic news of Nigerian artist Mohbad’s passing.

Contrary to initial reports, it has come to light that Mohbad did not pass away from an ear infection but rather from hypertension, as certain accounts suggest. This revelation emerged when his friend and colleague, Bella Shmurda, mentioned in a recently surfaced interview with Chude Jideonwo that the musician had been battling hypertension.

In response to this news, Uche Ogbodo has chosen to offer her love and support to Moyo Lawal, who is currently facing a challenging situation due to the leaking of her private video. Uche posted a photo of Moyo Lawal on her social media platform to encourage her during this difficult period in her personal life and career.

Uche questioned whether it would require a tragedy for people to recognize that the turmoil Moyo Lawal is enduring isn’t worth the trouble. She expressed her concern for Moyo’s well-being, emphasizing that Moyo is going through a traumatic phase, and she decided to show her support.

In her words, Uche asked if it would take a tragic event for people to realize the importance of showing kindness and support to others while they are still alive. She concluded her post by honoring the memory of Mohbad and urged people to love and appreciate individuals while they are still with us.

To clarify, it has been reported that Mohbad’s cause of death was not related to an ear infection, but rather to hypertension, as disclosed by his friend and fellow artist, Bella Shmurda, in an interview with Chude Jideonwo that resurfaced.