In Enugu, gunmen kill three police officers.

In Enugu, gunmen kill three police officers.

According to reports, gunmen in the New Haven neighborhood of the Enugu State capital shot and killed no less than three police officers.

The incident reportedly took place on Wednesday night at approximately 10:30 p.m. in front of Francis Supermarket at the block bus stop.

On Thursday morning, sources told our correspondent that the gunmen, who were reportedly armed robbers, stormed the scene and engaged the officers performing stop-and-search operations in a gunfight.

“Unfortunately, three police officers were shot dead after being overpowered. One of the sources claimed that the thugs also stole their firearms.

Residents in the area issued a security alert that stated: “It occurred at the block bus stop in front of the Frank supermarket.

‘Three policemen already dead. Guys for our information, in case we still dey outside avoid new Haven.

Two injured police officers are still lying here lifeless.

A video that showed the dead policemen in the gutter was attached to the message.

While this was going on, attempts to reach Police Public Relations Officer Daniel Ndukwe, who could not be reached because the phone indicated switched off, were unsuccessful.

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