Kidnappers kill Nigerian govt official, body missing

Kidnappers kill Nigerian govt official, body missing

Kidnappers kill Nigerian govt official, body missing. Days after being assassinated, Shamsideen Abayomi Alamu, a kidnapped government official from Nigeria, has gone missing with his body.

He was the Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation’s Assistant Chief Surveyor (OSGoF).

On October 3, Abayomi was kidnapped while she was traveling from Iwo to Abuja after attending a wedding ceremony. She was seized near Yakwo Farms in Abaji.

The late official was seized together with his mother and 7-year-old son, according to OSGoF’s Abu Michael, Head of Press (Abdulhaq Alamu).

When the attackers emerged from the bushes and opened fire on the group, they were traveling in a Toyota Corolla with the license plate RSH 661NY.

According to Michael, Abayomi was killed on October 6 while his mother and kid were released the following day.

The spokesman let the public know that there were search activities underway in a statement on Tuesday.

“The Surveyor General of the Federation, Abudulganiyu Adebomehin, and his management team sprang into action as soon as they learned of his kidnapping.

The Office received reliable information that he was slain on Thursday before his mother and kid were freed on Friday thanks to the help of family, friends, and other relatives.

Michael emphasized that security forces were seeking to locate Abayomi’s remains and requested the public to help the police by sharing pertinent information.

The OSGoF laments the passing of a “mapping master” from its Photogrammetry and Remote-Sensing Department who won the 2021 Head of Civil Service Award.

Alhaja Afusat Alamu, the mother, stated after her release that while the gunmen wanted N50 million, only N2. 35 million was provided, which the abductors took.

On December 9, 2013, Abayomi, an Iwo, Osun State native, was accepted into the Federal Civil Service.