Korean dramas you must watch

Korean dramas you must watch – Korean dramas are a completely unique film phenomenon that can hardly be compared with anything. That is why it is so interesting to study intriguing projects from a distant Asian country.

Korean dramas you must watch
Korean dramas you must watch

The series “The Squid Game” still does not let the audience go. And while some are watching the latest episodes of the project, others are looking for something similar in South Korean content. Good Korean dramas are no longer a rarity. The dramas are regularly released on Netflix and are well received by viewers. In this review, we will talk about the most popular series of recent times. If you are not a big fan of the series, but want to find interesting entertainment, visit the 22Bet in Senegal platform. There are many interesting entertainments for every taste.

Additional Lessons
The protagonist Chi Su is a modest honors student who lives without parents. The guy is forced to earn money on his own and save money for a brighter future. Chi Su comes up with an application with which he organizes a protection service for prostitutes. Everything goes smoothly until a rich classmate finds out the secret of Chi Su. Now his secret life may become public. Like The Squid Game, this series turned out to be incredibly intriguing. For 10 episodes, the creators manage to tell a bizarre story about Korean teenagers, in which there is a place for both violence and drama.

Flower of Evil
Cha Ji Won is a detective who is used to solving complicated cases. She is happily married and has a young daughter. One day the main character finds out that her husband is not who he claims to be. His past is dark and mysterious, which means that Cha Ji Won will have to dive headlong into these secrets.

Korean dramas often have intricate plots, but even compared to the average local drama, Flower of Evil seems unpredictable in the extreme. The opinion about the characters during the viewing will change almost every half an hour, which means that the whole range of emotions is guaranteed to the audience.

Hwang Si Mok is an experienced prosecutor who is incapable of experiencing emotions. As a child, he underwent severe brain surgery, after which he lost all empathy. But in work, his peculiarity only helps to maintain equanimity. One day, Hwang Shi Mok finds his colleague dead. Together with police officer Han Ye Jin, he will have to investigate and find those responsible for the crime.

A confused and unhurried detective. Here the project’s highlight is not so much in the plot, but in the strange protagonist, whose features only play into the hands of history.

Diary of a Psychopath
Yuk Ton Shik works in a brokerage house and there are not enough stars in the sky. One day, the guy accidentally finds the diary of a serial killer, in which he describes in detail his atrocities. Soon after, Yook Ton-shik has an accident and loses his memory. Having come to his senses, the main character comes to the conclusion that the records belong to him. Considering himself a criminal, the young man begins to change before his eyes.
A very unusual drama that not only tells a vivid story but also explores the nature of cruelty. Can a person who is not a maniac, but considers himself such, commit a crime? What emotions will he experience in the process? All these difficult questions are asked by the creators.

Day and night
26 years ago in a small town, there was a mysterious murder, which they could not solve. Over time, people forgot about the tragedy and returned to everyday life. But one day, new crimes occur. In some strange way, these tragedies turn out to be connected with a murder 26 years ago.
A selection of Korean TV series would be incomplete without this project. Although Day and Night has not yet gained great popularity in Russia, the drama has become a real hit in its native South Korea.

An inexperienced police officer starts working in the homicide department. A dangerous serial maniac is operating in the city, and the main character has to join the investigation. In the course of immersion in the case, the moral ideals of a principled policeman are tested for strength.
When looking at the must-watch dramas, “Mouse” immediately catches the eye. This is a precisely verified story, the ending of which is almost impossible to predict. There is a thriller, a drama, and a powerful detective story. So connoisseurs of genres will not remain indifferent.

On the way to heaven
Han Jong Woo is a widower who is raising his son Gee Ru, who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, on his own. Together with the heir, he is engaged in a very specific business: cleaning the apartments of dead people. Han Jong Woo and Gee Ru carefully collect the valuables of the deceased to give them to their relatives.

One day, Han Jong Woo dies, and Gee Roo’s uncle, who has just been released from prison, becomes the guardian. Now, these two will have to find a common language and save the family business from collapse.

Dramas like this rarely make it to the top of the list. The fact is that we have an ordinary family story, and not a detective story or an intriguing thriller. But the script for the series “On the Way to Heaven” is written so well that sympathy for the characters arises literally from the first minute.

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