Lawal Omolola, OAU’s top graduate, revealed that her fear of blood and needles compelled her to pursue Pharmacy as a field of study.

Lawal Omolola Blessing, the top graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University’s Faculty of Pharmacy for the 2021/2022 academic session, achieved an outstanding Grade Index of 4.72. The announcement was made by Prof. F.A. Oladimeji, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, during the Induction Ceremony for the 2021/2022 Pharmacy graduating set, part of the activities marking the faculty’s 60th Anniversary Celebration.

In an interview with Tribune CampusXtra, Omolola shared insights into her background, academic journey, and the factors contributing to her success.

Hailing from Iwo, Osun State, and raised in a family of five, Omolola tragically lost her father eight years ago. As the youngest of three children, she is not only a newly inducted pharmacist from OAU’s premier Faculty of Pharmacy but also a burgeoning data scientist and Python developer with several years of experience.

When asked about her remarkable achievement, Omolola attributed her success to prioritizing studies and maintaining focus on her goals throughout her tenure in the Faculty of Pharmacy. Despite not anticipating being the best graduating student, she acknowledged her contender status since her third year.

Omolola chose to study Pharmacy due to her passion for the healthcare sector and her aversion to blood and needles. Additionally, her late father’s background as a chemist during his undergraduate days fueled her fascination with pharmaceuticals and motivated her choice of profession.

Reflecting on the announcement of being the best graduating student, Omolola expressed a mix of emotions, mainly gratitude and a profound sense of accomplishment. She emphasized the joy and validation during the induction ceremony, acknowledging the support of those who believed in her throughout her academic journey.

Acknowledging the influence of friends on her academic journey, Omolola highlighted the positive impact of her focused and supportive circle, contributing to their collective success.

In her spare time, Omolola is working towards becoming a professional data scientist, intending to apply her skills in the evolving pharmaceutical sector. Apart from her academic pursuits, she enjoys listening to music, traveling, watching movies and documentaries, and reading novels.

Omolola credited her late dad, brother-in-law, and part adviser in pharmacy school, Dr. Jegede, as her motivations and mentors. Looking ahead, she plans to pursue a Master’s degree and embark on a career in Clinical Pharmacy or Research.

For aspiring students, Omolola encouraged them to dream big, pursue their goals with dedication, prioritize their efforts, and seek guidance through prayer.