Lucky Egboyi commends FG over approval of Abba Kyari’s extradition to US

Lucky Egboyi commends FG over approval of Abba Kyari’s extradition to US

A Warri-based lawyer, Barr. Lucky Egboyi, on Thursday, said it is commendable that the Federal Government of Nigeria has agreed to extradite Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP Abba Kyari to the United State of America to face charges of financial mishandling/corruption/money laundering.

That’s commendable, good development and the way to go. This is because no one is above the law. Besides, failure to extradite him will send a wrong signal to the international community and make nonsense of the purported fight against corruption by this Buhari administration,” he said in a chat with DAILY POST in Warri, Delta State.

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Egboyi however said, “But, unfortunately, I do not and cannot trust the sincerity of the FG, due to the nepotistic and tribalistic disposition of the government of the day at the central.

“It would appear that the FG sees itself as the government of the Northern part of Nigeria, rather than the government of Nigeria.

“So, anything involving a high profile northerner like Abba Kyari will likely attract this religion and tribal sentiment that will make the handlers and operators of the FG see it as a fight against the north.

“Remember a group of some misguided northern youth had gathered some time ago to protest and threaten that if Abba Kyari is extradited, there will be a problem in Nigeria.

“So, I don’t trust the sincerity of the FG in that regard. But it will be in the interest of Nigeria as a nation-state to allow the law to take its course at the international arena, because we cannot sacrifice the modicum of integrity we have managed to garner as a nation, on account of one man. After, Hushpuppi is there, answering to the charges against him.”

Egboyi advised other corrupt officers in the Nigeria Police Force and other sister law enforcement agencies to know that there is a day of reckoning and accountability as they work in or for the public

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He stressed, “The law of nemesis is real. They should be humane and have the fear of God in their hearts when dealing with fellow human beings.

“They should realize that power is transient and that they that hold power remain powerful only for as long as the power lasts. The real and permanent power belongs to the people.

“They should remember that, no matter how smart they may be, the law is always smarter. They should know that there’s always a payday for every deed of every man in authority.

Assuming Abba Kyari had succeeded in outsmarting and or deceiving everyone, including the government and the law, he would still have his maker; God Almighty, to render account to. Let other officers realize that good name is always better than riches of golds and silvers.”

Egboyi also said, “To the judiciary, I want to see a more bold and courageous judiciary that is truly independent and disconnected from the apron of the two other arms of government (executive and legislature).

“I want to see a judiciary that can stand (up) tall and interpret the law as it is, without any fear or favour.

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“I want to see judges that consider issues as they are, without looking at the names, faces, seniority, status, connection, wealth and other social or extra-legal factors of the lawyers and their clients before them.

“If we have a bold and courageous judiciary, the societal ills of today, namely: corruption, criminality, rituals, human trafficking, banditry, robbery, etc will be greatly reduced, if not completely eradicated.”

Egboyi urged Nigerians to always learn to do the right thing at all times.

“Stand up for and insist on your right. Don’t cut corners to get to your destination. Truth is that there’s no shortcut to anything good.

“Don’t compromise your standards or integrity for a morsel of bread. Don’t succumb to intimidation and oppression when you are right. It will take collective efforts to build and have the Nigeria of our dream,” he said.

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