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Making money through rituals is not a viable option – Kanayo O.Kanayo

Renowned Nollywood actor and showbiz personality, Kanayo O. Kanayo, popularly known as KOK, has issued a stern warning to Nigerian youths against engaging in ritual killings as a means of achieving wealth.

Kanayo, celebrated for his portrayals of ritualistic characters in movies involving human sacrifices for financial gain, emphasized that there is no proven correlation between such gruesome acts and attaining prosperity.

The actor conveyed this message during his appearance as a guest at Ikenga Online’s November 2023 Town Hall Meeting. This monthly virtual gathering, powered by the online news platform Ikenga Online, tackled the theme “Rituals, Riches, and Realities: The Myths of Money-Making and the Dignity of Labour.”

Addressing the prevalent issue of ritual killings, Kanayo, often referred to as “Nnanyi Sacrifice” due to his on-screen roles, urged young people to channel their efforts into diligent hard work instead of resorting to destructive and unlawful practices.

“These people (youths) have up their ante and it is not about what they watch (movies). There is no truth to the fact that a man living in a thatched house will ask you to kill your girlfriend and sleep with her to make money.

“The Yahoo (scam) we knew many years ago was writing letters and promising deals that were utopian. We know many people who are in public office today who were part of it. I will not want to mention names.

“But today people are told that. The in-thing is Yahoo Promax, which involves killing someone, eating the heart of the person and washing it down with Hennessy, and the belief that you will make money. I can’t see any connection between that and making money. Money is made through hard work.”

Discussing the swift accumulation of funds that enabled him to construct a surprise mansion in his hometown, KOK clarified that he did not resort to any sacrificial practices.

“I laid the foundation of my house in 2015, and in 2016, Globacom, owned by Mike Adenuga, signed me as one of those to be a part of a nationwide campaign it was holding.

“The money was huge. It involved performances in many cities, but sometimes they count 10 cities and pay us upfront, even before we start visiting those cities.

“So, I made a lot of money and built my house. I can say I made a sacrifice to build that house because, at that time, I had the option of buying a brand new 2015 Range Rover. If I had bought it, today, I would have been seen as someone who was driving an old Range Rover.

“So the sacrifice I made was that I left the Range Rover and completed my house. That was the sacrifice I made,” Kanayo O Kanayo jocularly remarked.