Man Allegedly Rapes And Killed His Mother.

Man Allegedly Rapes And Killed His Mother.

A 21-year-old agricultural worker from Karnataka’s Haveri district in India was arrested on Saturday for allegedly raping and murdering his mother.

The Police said that the man allegedly accused his mother of having affairs with multiple men. He had allegedly asked her to stop seeing other men. On the evening of November 12, the mother and son allegedly argued, after which he is said to have raped and killed her.

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According to the Shiggaon Police, the victim, a 40-year-old agricultural worker, was living with her son at their residence in Vanahalli. The woman’s husband had died 15 years ago and she had been in a relationship with another man from the same area.

The residents of the area allegedly told the man that his mother had been having affairs with multiple men. Angered by it, he had fought with her regarding her boyfriend on multiple occasions in the past. Shiggaon Police said that over a week before the murder, the 21-year-old man had argued with his mother and demanded that she break off her relationship with her boyfriend.

“The woman had allegedly told her son that she wanted to be with her boyfriend. This had led to a huge argument,” the Shiggaon Police said. On the morning of November 12, the woman and her sister had gone to harvest the jowar crops in the fields. They finished work and headed home. Police said that the woman’s son allegedly forced her to drink alcohol. He then dragged her into the fields near Gangibhavi Road. An argument ensued and the man allegedly pushed his mother to the ground and raped and strangled her.

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