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Mary Njoku expresses her anger at the leaked tape of Moyo Lawal, questioning why the victim is being blamed.

Notable video director, Mary Njoku laments the blame on the famous Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal whose private bedroom tape was leaked on the internet.

This comes hours after the private video of the actress and her lover surfaced on the internet, causing a spectrum of reactions from her fans and colleagues.


Reacting to the leaked bedroom tape, Mary Njoku referred to Moyo Lawal as the victim in the situation. She encouraged the need to give victims a breathing space other than name-callings and insinuations of making themself a target of harassment.

Njoku cited different scenarios in an Instagram post, alongside excuses made up for the victim on how they could have avoided the situation.

Mary Njoku on leaked bedroom tape of Moyo Lawal

“Why do we ALWAYS blame the victims?
RAPE Wetin you dey find for em room’
CAR THEFT’ mumu! Why park for the car park?
CHEATING Halm! Why wouldn’t he cheat? See as you fat? Ordinary 3 children wey you born.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE you provoked him.
SCAM You no sharp OP, na only mumu person you dem dey scam
BIGAMY’ why are you exposing your home, a good wife should cover her husband’s shame
LEAKED SEXTAPE why would you trust your FiancĂ© and goof around with someone you love?”

In the caption of the post, she added,

“If you have never been a victim before pray it never happens to you Nigeria. Cos you are doomed. Little wonder the culprits get away with it 90% of the time. And if we continue to victimize victims, E go touch everybody laslas Shame on us.”