Meet Nigerian Social media marketing Gurus Edinyanga and Edikan Goddy Essien Popularly known as Eddytwins.

Meet Nigerian Social media marketing Gurus Edinyanga and Edikan Goddy Essien Popularly known as Eddytwins, today we at 260vibes global will be discussing this gurus and their full stories.

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Meet Nigerian Social media marketing Gurus, Edinyanga and  Edikan Goddy Essien Popularly known as Eddytwins.

When you talk about Digital marketing in Nigeria, one name will always stand out – Eddytwins. They are successful Media strategists of a group of identical twin brothers – Edinyanga Goddy and Edikan Goddy brand Influencers, Social media managers, Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity Experts,  Entrepreneurs and philanthropists helping and building successful business plans amongst entrepreneurs and foundation support.

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The duo, natives of Akwa ibom state, Nigeria, Born on 22nd April, are alumnus of Eastern Secondary Commercial School, Calabar, Nigeria. While there, they become part of the jet club, football and ICT team members.

Eddytwins bagged Graduates of Environmental Protection and Resource Management from the prestigious University of Calabar in 2019, they also have a National Diploma degree in Marine Science from the same institute and also many other professional certificates in digital marketing. It will interest you about the uniqueness of these wonderful twins who have and favourite everything in common.

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In 2013, Eddytwins ventured into blogging and programming which wasn’t easy as beginners but consistency was the secret of their success launching their first ever music blog in 2015 ‘247xclusive Blog. This platform gave light to the Entertainment industry in Calabar, Cross River State promoting talent and building brands. This got them their first media nomination in 2016 in category of ‘Best Music Blog’ PMFA Awards (Paradise music festival and awards).

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In 2017, 247xclusive blog won the best music awards at the NMCA (Nigeria Music choice Awards) gaining more recognition Nationwide. This was a major breakthrough for the Eddytwins whose passion was beyond blogging, this give birth to 247xclusive Tv in 2018 an online tv specialized in promoting entertainment. Not forgetting the Programming it launched its mobile app the same year.

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