Meet Sir. Engr Enyinnaya Nwafor alias Nana Nwafor


Meet Sir. Engr Enyinnaya Nwafor alias Nana Nwafor, About Enyinnaya

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Sir, ENGR. ENYINNAYA CHIMA NWAFOR is an outstanding philanthropist and a highly respected leader whose contribution to the Socio-Economic development to the society is absolutely phenomenal. He an optimist with an awesome Managerial Acumen, a Man whose philanthropic acts are legendary, as he believes in making active contribution to mankind in nearly all facets of life.

ENYINNAYA is so rich in spirit, character and materials. He is effervescent and full of enthusiasm as he is a blessing, both to the present and future generation.

ENYINNAYA is a knight of the order of St. Christopher in the Anglican Church. He is a dynamic businessman and philanthropist with an unmatched desire to help the less privileged. A truly loyal friend, a dynamic husband, a father and a loving son. Educated in Nigeria, he had a first-hand experience of some challenges facing our educational system and resolved to be a key player in transforming the educational sector.


With total gratitude to God, Enyinnaya’s unwavering faith in God streams from his recognition of God as the source of his life and giver of all he has.

as he usually says “I am absolutely nothing without God”. With a sincere desire to give to those in need in fulfilment of God’s word, his philanthropic endeavours, such as the EACH ONE AID ONE FOUNDATION continues to positively change the lives of millions of Nigerians by empowering the less privileged as well as awarding young people who are the future leaders of our nation with scholarships and educational programmes.

With a heart that gravitates towards meeting the needs of people, he also reaches out to the sick by paying for their hospital bills.

Founding the Each One Aid One Foundation is Engr Eyinnaya’s way of giving back to the society. The organization is a non-political entity whose objective is to empower the less privileged in the society while impacting a sense of philanthropy in them and also impacting the individual with a sense of obligation to empower other individuals in same area of specialization. The foundation does not restrict individuals to particular skills, but evaluates their passion and aid them to achieve their passion.

Each One Aid One Foundation has continued to complement the government support to community people in the face of competing demands on limited resources. Each One Aid One Foundation is currently implementing developmental activities in the areas of Health, Education, Governance, Community Developmental and Economic Empowerment.

Their efforts have reached over 2 million Nigerians with positive impact with financial and material assistance. We are poised to build human capacity thereby driving true inclusion in Africa. The foundation constantly engages in Advocacy, community awareness, Medical & Agricultural outreaches as well as proper sanitation.



Sir, Engr. Enyinnaya Nwafor saw a need to meet the rising demands of construction and engineering services in Nigeria and without hesitation.


in 2008 created a solution which birthed TUNNEL END INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the most reliable and leading name in the construction and engineering industry with a reputation that has come from its continuous focus on delivering on quality projects and working with the best hands to ensure that all her projects meet international standards.

By strategically positioning quality management at the heart of its operations, Tunnel end has successfully been able to create top-notch awareness of her capacity to handle projects with varying complexities through innovation, experience and resourcefulness.


Enyinnaya is also the CEO of HALLOWED HANDS FURNITURE which is a leading indigenous furniture company in Nigeria that creates.

outstanding designs built for the comfort and affordability. The company has been recognized for employing the latest technology and machinery for the production of high-quality furniture and accessories by utilizing superior materials and workmanship, Hallowed Hands exceeds the requirements of clients and has grown to make a mark overtime.

Enyinnaya aware of the truth that lies in the popular saying ‘The secret to living is giving’ has promoted his ideals of philanthropy by giving back to the society. Unlike those who create wealth and then search for a cause, Enyinnaya, knew exactly what he wanted to do with his resources: to make a meaningful, measurable difference in the lives of the less privileged.

He brings the voice and eyes of human dignity to the process of alleviating poverty.

Sir, Engr Enyinnaya took his aptitude for business and combined it with his deep values of human respect and integrity to create a new kind of philanthropy, one which benefits only those in need.


Sir, Engr. Enyinnaya oversees his philanthropic enterprises and businesses, working tirelessly and with boundless energy.

Below are a few things he has in check






Pragmatism in Leadership

More about Enyinnaya Nwafor

He accepts many invitations to speak and is acclaimed, nationally and internationally, in recognition of all his philanthropic work and endeavours. He has earned many outstanding awards as well as recognitions from various groups.

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