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“Mohbad’s father emotionally discloses that his son passed away due to an injection administered by an auxiliary nurse.”

In a poignant disclosure, Mohbad’s father has shared his profound bond with his late son and a haunting dream he experienced just two days before the tragic demise of the young musician. During the emotional interview, Mohbad’s father found it challenging to articulate his sorrow, as the loss remained intensely raw and painful.

Nonetheless, he shared touching moments of his deep connection with Mohbad and recounted a disturbing dream involving a firearm, just 48 hours before his son’s tragic demise.

Furthermore, he disclosed his belief that Mohbad’s passing, contrary to widespread suspicion of foul play, resulted from an injection administered by an auxiliary nurse to treat his ear infection.

The news of Mohbad’s untimely departure has prompted an outpouring of condolences and support from celebrities within the entertainment industry. Many well-known personalities have extended their condolences and offered assistance to the grieving family during this trying period.

Reportedly, Davido reached out to Mohbad’s family and provided substantial financial aid of 2 million naira. This generous gesture from Davido offers a glimmer of hope amid the deep sorrow experienced by the bereaved family.

However, amid the expressions of sympathy and solidarity, distressing reports have surfaced regarding disputes within Mohbad’s family concerning his belongings.

In a widely circulated video on the internet, members of the late singer’s family can be seen embroiled in heated arguments over his assets at his burial site in Ikorodu. Online reports suggest that certain family members are attempting to lay claim to Mohbad’s properties, particularly in relation to his wife.

It’s worth noting that Omowunmi, the wife of the late Mohbad, also took to her Instagram page to share her anguish following her husband’s tragic passing. In a series of heartfelt posts, the mother of their five-month-old son expressed her concerns about providing for their child in the absence of her beloved husband.

She also reflected on the unique journey of love and struggle that she and Mohbad had shared, emphasizing their dreams and aspirations. Omowunmi’s posts underscore the challenges she now faces as the responsibilities of two have become hers alone.