MTN assures that any loans cleared erroneously due to a system error will be reimbursed.

An error in the MTN Nigeria system resulted in the removal of debts from the accounts of subscribers who had borrowed airtime/data from the telecom company.

Initially, subscribers thought MTN intentionally canceled their debts and expressed joy and gratitude towards the company. However, the telecom service clarified that the disappearance of debts was a result of a system glitch.

This implies that subscribers will still be required to settle the previously cleared debts once MTN addresses the issue.

MTN Nigeria Communications Plc confirmed the system glitch affecting balance inquiries, explaining that some customers may receive error messages indicating that their balances have been cleared. The company assured that these balances will be accurately reflected once the problem is resolved, and their engineers are actively working to fix the issue. They expressed regret for any inconvenience caused and requested understanding.