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My Health Is Deteriorating, I’ve Lost All the Money I Saved Throughout My Life – Jay Boogie, the Crossdresser, Expresses Distress

Renowned Nigerian transgender individual, Daniel Anthony Nsikan, popularly known as Jay Boogie, has raised an alarm about his deteriorating health and vanishing savings attributed to complications from a failed surgery.

According to reports, the distressed crossdresser shared this information during a live session on Instagram. The situation unfolded after a Nigerian doctor, Loveth Jennifer, based in Namibia, called out the surgeon responsible for the problematic surgery.

In a post on her Instagram page, Jennifer revealed that Jay Boogie is currently in critical condition, unable to urinate for 24 hours after undergoing the cosmetic procedure. She also disclosed that the surgeon left Jay Boogie in an unconventional hospital, asserting that the crossdresser had pre-existing kidney issues before the surgery.

Providing an update on his health during an interview, Jay Boogie disclosed that he has depleted his entire life savings on medical treatment. Uncertain about his survival, he expressed distress over the lack of assistance from others and lamented the inability to support his family members, witnessing everything he had worked for unraveling.

He said:

“My condition is getting worse by the day. No one is donating funds anymore and all my life savings have been going to dialysis.”

“I don’t know what tomorrow holds, if I’ll survive it or if I won’t survive it. I’m just tired.”