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Naira Marley and Sam Larry Granted Bail Following Weeks of Detention

The renowned rapper Naira Marley and the socialite Sam Larry have reportedly been granted bail following their weeks-long detention in connection with the case involving the late Mohbad.

According to online sources, both individuals are required to provide three sureties and a sum of 20 million naira each as part of their bail conditions. The court has also ordered them to surrender their foreign passports and to be present at the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on a weekly basis as an additional requirement for their bail.

In addition, the presiding magistrate issued a strict warning, making it clear that any attempts to contact her would be duly noted and possibly disclosed during public court proceedings.

It is worth noting that Naira Marley and Sam Larry were arrested upon their return to the country due to their alleged involvement in the death of the late singer Mohbad. Speculation surrounding their involvement was heightened by a video that showed Sam Larry attempting to assault Mohbad while the latter was on set.