NEDC: Terrorists Are Killing More Than 40% Of Teachers In The North-East

NEDC: Terrorists Are Killing More Than 40% Of Teachers In The North-East

According to Mohammed Goni Alkali, managing director of the North-East Development Commission (NEDC), terrorists have killed 40% of the teachers in the northeast.

On Thursday, he made this statement at a press conference held at the state house in Abuja.

Alkali claimed that due to the geopolitical region’s worst economic crisis, there are few teachers available.

“Teachers are the most in demand good in Nigeria. We need more teachers because over 40% of teachers in the northeast have been killed, he said.

18 mega schools have been established by the NEDC, according to Alkali, “that will handle education from elementary levels to the secondary.”

“There are three schools in each of the six states, totaling 18 schools. Additionally, 18 ICT centers are being opened in the states. Through the ICT schools, we intend to train at least 10,000 students annually,” he said.

He added that the rising insurgency in the geopolitical region is caused by a lack of high-quality education.

Alkali continued by saying that the commission had begun a number of reconstruction projects, particularly for the homes and bridges that terrorists had destroyed.

He claimed that several road networks have been rebuilt to stop insurgent activity.

“In Borno, we’ve constructed at least 1000 homes. We also rebuilt bridges that Boko Haram had destroyed, the man said.

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