New Salary Structure: AEPB staff stage protest, commence indefinite strike

New Salary Structure: AEPB staff stage protest, commence indefinite strike

New Salary Structure: AEPB staff stage protest, commence indefinite strike on Tuesday, employees of the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) began an indefinite strike in protest of the organization’s failure to implement a new wage system.

The employees swore not to come back to work until their requests were fulfilled.

The agency’s assistant director, Udeme Umanah, spoke to journalists on behalf of the organization in Abuja and explained why the organization chose to go on strike.

He added ”the AEPB is an autonomous institution created under AEPB Acts of 1997. The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) desires that AEPB be a division of the agency. According to the Act, the Board may hire personnel and other individuals on a temporary basis.

“The National Salary and Income Wages Commission approves CONHESS salary notwithstanding the sensitive and dangerous nature of the work tasks.

The National Salary and Income Wages Commission forwarded the FCTA the salary structures that were approved by the presidential committee in 2021.The CONHESS wage structures were implemented starting in January 2020. Different pay scales apply to the Secretariats for Health, Agriculture, Social Development, and FCT-IRS.

“We provided the administration three days’ notice, seven days’ notice, and then 21 days’ notice before implementing the salary structures for AEPB. The Minister called us after the three days of notice had passed and offered to apply the new salary structure while pleading with us not to go on strike and to give them two weeks to resolve the issue.

“Our two weeks’ notice ended on Friday of last week, so we are starting an indefinite strike and we won’t be ready to return unless they adopt our compensation structure,” they said.

Recall that on Tuesday, AEPB employees surrounded the agency’s headquarters in an attempt to prevent the implementation of a new compensation structure.

The new wage structure, according to some of the employees who spoke with our correspondents, was authorized in 2019 but has not yet been put into effect by management.

They continued by saying that the demonstration was intended to express their discontent with the situation and that they would also start a three-day warning strike to get the FCT Minister’s attention.

The workers also threatened to take further action to press their demands if the new salary structure was not enacted following the strike.

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