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Nigerian Celebrities Who Struggled with Mental Health

For people living with mental health condition like depression, anxiety, it’s necessary to know that there are also people suffering from same conditions and how they are managing the situation matters a lot.
Mental Health condition can affect any one regardless of age, gender or status.

It is relatively uncommon for celebrities to openly acknowledge their struggles with mental health issues. Regrettably, mental health concerns continue to be stigmatized in numerous African communities, leading many individuals to endure their challenges in silence.

Nevertheless, within the Nigerian celebrity sphere, there have been notable figures who have bravely spoken about their mental health conditions, disregarding the prevailing stigma.

Dakore Egbuson-Akande,

A renowned actress and multi-brand ambassador, shared her personal journey on the podcast “With Chude.” She revealed that her battle with mental health issues began after experiencing mild complications following the birth of her first daughter.

“My pregnancy went smoothly, and I relocated to a different state for better healthcare. However, after giving birth, I encountered some minor complications, and I started to feel overwhelmed by a sense of sadness. I gradually slipped into postnatal depression, and I didn’t even realize when it began,” she disclosed.

Dakore described this ongoing sadness as a persistent lack of joy, as if she were constantly striving to find happiness. At times, her emotions fluctuated between extreme happiness and profound sadness.

It was only later that Dakore recognized how she had neglected her creativity, which had declined during the four years she took a break from work. Consequently, she sought help from a therapist who guided her on her path to healing.


Teebillz, whose real name is Tunji Balogun, is a music manager and the former husband of Nigerian music sensation Tiwa Savage. He openly discussed his battle with depression, which was exacerbated by family challenges, and in 2016, he even attempted suicide.

In an exclusive report by LIB (Linda Ikeji’s Blog), an eyewitness named Chukwuma Ani, who had seen the suicide attempt, was one of the individuals who eventually intervened to prevent Teebillz from jumping off the Lekki-Ikoyi toll bridge.

As described in the LIB post, “A car struck his own (Mr. Ani’s) from behind, causing damage to his vehicle. He approached the driver of the other vehicle involved, unaware that it was Teebillz, and expressed his frustration over the accident, asking the man to step out and assess the damage caused to his car.

The man, without revealing his identity, looked at him and conveyed his intention to end his life, stating that Chukwuma Ani would hear about it later.”

Teebillz has since overcome his depression, and his life has taken a different trajectory from the tragic path he was on during that challenging period.

Tiwa Savage

The renowned Nigerian artist, openly acknowledged her personal battle with depression during a podcast hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. Tiwa shared a poignant recollection from her younger years when she grappled with thoughts of suicide due to the racism and bullying she endured while attending school in the UK.

She recounted, “They would taunt me with names like ‘African girl,’ ‘Fufu,’ and ‘We heard your food smells bad.’ The situation became so unbearable that I made two serious attempts to end my own life. I was plunged into a deep state of depression and subjected to relentless bullying.”

Tiwa went on to describe the cruel treatment she endured, including incidents where her hair was forcibly flushed down the drain during lunch breaks. At a certain point, she required a police escort just to board the school bus. In her desperation to cope, she contemplated skin bleaching and started growing her hair long. The ordeal was truly harrowing.

Additionally, it was reported that Tiwa Savage experienced episodes of depression during her tumultuous marital crisis with Teebillz.

Mercy Aigbe
Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe disclosed how she suffered from depression due to the challenges she faced in her career and personal life.

She has since been vocal about mental health awareness.

Nigerian singer Harrysong too has had his fair share of depression in 2018, revealing that he too contemplated suicide at some point.

In an interview, he disclosed that his struggles began after being involved in a serious car accident and experienced a broken relationship.

The traumatic events took a toll on his mental well-being, leading him into a dark and lonely place.

Despite his success in the music industry, Harrysong had been candid about the pressures and expectations that comes with fame.

Cynthia Morgan
The reggae/dancehall singer, Cynthia Morgan, opened up about her struggle with depression and how it affected her music career.

She has now made a comeback and is advocating for mental health awareness.

Daddy Freeze

Controversial media personality, Ifedayo Olarinde ‘Daddy Freeze’ shared his struggles with depression and how it impacted his life and relationships.

In recent years, Freeze has faced public backlash and criticism due to his unorthodox views and challenging traditional religious beliefs.

Freeze’s mental health battle has been exacerbated by the online hate and cyberbullying he consistently faces.

Freeze’s battle with mental health serves as a reminder of the detrimental effects of online bullying and the importance of prioritizing one’s mental well-being in the face of adversity.

Mental health is a situation many adults battle with, which can be heightened as a result of traumatic experiences, broken relationships, family crisis, long-term frustration or delays in achieving certain goals.

It is advisable to prioritize mental health as a downturn can lead to irreversible damage.