Nigerian Oscars committee rejects Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo movie

Nigerian Oscars committee rejects Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo movie

Nigerian Oscars committee rejects Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo movie, The Nigerian Academy Awards selection committee has removed Kunle Afolayan’s recently released film, “Anikulapo,” off the list of nominees for the Oscars.

The Nigerian actor and producer shared his dissatisfaction with the news on social media while also announcing the development.

While the Nigerian Oscar selection committee believes that the ANIKULAPO film is not worthy of being submitted for the Oscars, Kunle Afolayan remarked, “I am extremely glad and delighted that the entire world has opted to tag ANIKULAPO film “a masterpiece.” Will continue to act independently.

Despite the wonderful reviews Anikulapo has gotten all around the world since its premiere, the Academy Awards do not think it merits being nominated.

The King’s Horseman, Elesin Oba, and King of Thieves were among the three Yoruba-language entries received by Nigeria’s Oscar selection committee, which made the announcement last month.

All three films were deemed “ineligible” by the majority of the selection committee members, who decided that they would not be included into the competition.

The film was created and shot by Jonathan Kovel at the freshly opened KAP resort in a hamlet in Oyo State. Afolayan has teamed with Netflix.

The Oscars are given to films that exhibit creative and technical excellence in the American and worldwide film industries.

The honor is recognized as the most prestigious and noteworthy accomplishment in the global entertainment sector.

Since then, the news has angered a lot of Nigerians and even followers worldwide.

@Oginni olu; For the film, Kunle constructed a whole village. used the greatest performers, the plot was straightforward, and yet it wasn’t deemed Oscar-worthy? What exactly are the requirements for Haba?

@Theresthat_; It’s a big deal! You don’t require the approval or acknowledgement of any committee. The job you produced was excellent, and audiences all across the world like it. The genuine recognition is that. All that counts is that! I don’t even understand Yoruba, yet it’s my favorite movie of the year.

@betty ekems; Why do they believe it is not deserving of an Oscar nomination? This body, who is it? We must confront them. This is the most impressive indigenous film we’ve seen in a while.

@oluwatitofolabi, I hope that committee members could be contacted and asked to give interviews so that they could explain why a film like this is not Oscar-worthy. I’m still in disbelief that it was turned down for a valid reason.

It’s unfortunate that Nigeria destroys her best, @Cielthewind

@kingafricana1; The Oscars are trash. That film is top-notch.

@kennytheultra; This is a top-notch film, so to heck with the Nigerian Oscar selection committee once more.