Obidients Will Be Forgotten by 2027 – Fani Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode, the ex-aviation minister, has foreseen that the supporters of Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, often referred to as ‘Obidients,’ will fade into obscurity by the time of the 2027 general election. Through his X handle on Thursday, the controversial All Progressive Congress leader labeled Obi’s supporters as a group of self-serving and unruly individuals, stating that they would have been abandoned and marginalized come the 2027 general election.

“Truth is that the Obidients are nothing but a bunch of self-serving, self-seeking, lawless, ferral psychopaths who are motivated by religious & ethnic bigotry.

“By 2027 no one will remember them because by then they would have been dumped & relegated to the foul-smelling & notoriously filthy dustbin of history.

“By 2027 an Obidient will be regarded as nothing but an affliction, a plague & a by-word for porn movies & horror shows,” Fani-Kayode in an article published on his official X handle said.

“5 months down the line he & his camp have not been able to get over their devastating trouncing at the polls & are still smarting from the pain. They did not even manage to come 2nd in the election but instead came 3rd,” he added.

“Why won’t they scream & holler like a fishmonger’s wife that’s on heat given the fact that their pants were removed before the world & they were badly humiliated in the election.

“If anyone expected anything else from them, then they still don’t know who they are & what they represent.

“If there is one group of Nigerians that need to be dropped into the hottest spot in Gaza & left there forever it is the Obidients.”