Ondo Amotekun arrests, parades 45 suspected criminals


Ondo Amotekun arrests, parades 45 suspected criminals

Ondo Amotekun arrests, parades 45 suspected criminals. In the state, men from the Ondo State Security Network Agency, also known by the pseudonym Amotekun Corps, have detained no fewer than 45 alleged criminals.

They allegedly had been detained within the previous two weeks in a number of different places around the state.

Adetunji Adeleye, the state’s Corps Commander, said that eight of the accused were kidnappers.

“Today is another significant harvest of criminals operating within Ondo state,” Adeleye said as she paraded the suspects at the corps headquarters in Alabgbaka, Akure.


“We dispatched more personnel to all 18 of the state’s local government areas a few weeks ago to help strengthen the security infrastructure of Ondo state, and it actually had a significant impact.

We have been able to control the criminals’ excesses during the last two weeks, which included kidnapping, armed robbery, rape, and other crimes.

“The investigations into 45 offenders are now complete, and they are ready to answer to accusations.

Okoyie Chukwuma, who specialized in breaking into cocoa enterprises, is the subject of one of our cases.

We also have a case concerning Philip Jacob, a vandal who targets vehicles left overnight at repair businesses.

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