Otedola commends Sanwo-Olu for the initiation of the Lagos Blue Rail project.

Otedola said: “It must be pointed out that his bold policies since assuming office, are the hallmark of a true leader who is not afraid or shy to take actions as long as such actions are in the national interest.

“Without a doubt, the current hardship will ease once these policies begin to bear fruits. I firmly believe the right measures are being taken and we are headed in the right direction.”

The businessman promised to invest more in the local economy following the restoration of confidence in the management of the national economy.

He added: “Asiwaju Tinubu is working, Nigeria will work. I advise my fellow countrymen and women to be patient.

“With Tinubu’s policies, Nigeria will fully recover in a few years. We are witnessing the storm before the calm. Now, the storm is blowing away. I am certain, very soon, we’ll begin to experience the inevitable calm and the progress that will naturally follow in a very short while.”

He identified potential transformation of the stock exchange as one of the understated benefits of the policies so far introduced by the Tinubu administration.