PDP crisis Iyorchia Ayu told to take Ortom’s advice, reconcile members or resign

PDP crisis Iyorchia Ayu told to take Ortom’s advice, reconcile members or resign

PDP crisis Iyorchia Ayu told to take Ortom’s advice, reconcile members or resign. The Network of Benue Professionals, NBF, has praised Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State for urging PDP National Chairman Iyorchia Ayu to either make amends with enraged party members or step down from his post.

Recall that Ortom had urged Ayu to keep his word after promising to quit if the PDP’s presidential ticket went to the North.

At yesterday’s State Executive Council emergency meeting, the Governor made the decision.

NBF responded by describing Ortom’s call as a gutsy move and a constructive development that could only come from a brave, sincere, and moral man.

The NBF said in a statement written by Obed Kuhwa, the national coordinator, that Ayu made the vow of his own free will and without being coerced by anybody, thus he should quit honorably to prevent tarnishing his reputation.

The letter also praised Governor Ortom for speaking out in favor of the truth and urging “justice, fairness, transparency, and honesty on the side of Ayu, not caring the animosity from those who are purposely oblivious to the blunders of the PDP National Chairman.”

The NBF lamented that Ayu’s imprudence and disrespect for integrity were endangering the Benue people’s reputation since it may call into question their attitude toward those who help them realize their ambitions.

The group thus urged Ayu to follow Governor Ortom’s demand to quit or move quickly to make amends with people harmed by events in the PDP that were partially caused by his conduct and inaction.

In order to help the PDP chairman see reason and prevent damaging his political reputation and acting as a roadblock to future ambitions by the Benue people, it asked him not to interpret Governor Ortom’s advice as being ill-intentioned but rather as an honest act of love from a brother.

NBF urged people who choose to criticize Governor Ortom over the Ayu-saga to reconsider and persuade Dr. Ayu to get off of his high horse and take the necessary steps to ensure his political survival.

According to the network, the ordinary Benue guy is not a jerk, and it is inappropriate to judge all Benue men by the behavior of a single outlier.

It expressed gratitude to everyone who helped in any manner to ensure that Ayu was elected the PDP’s national chairman and urged them not to hold back when it comes to standing up for any Benue person or person whenever there is a need.